Intelligent Cotton Topping Robot

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Cotton Intelligent Topping Robot
Visual Guidance
Operation Monitoring

About Viewer

Viewer Tech was founded in 2021, is an agricultural precision operation robot developer, focusing on field operation scenarios, is committed to science and technology to empower agricultural productivity, the company’s use of robotics, computer vision, multi-intelligent body synergy, precision motion control and other areas of technology accumulation, focus on core technology innovation and product development. The company has launched the world’s first self-developed cotton intelligent topping robot integrating “binocular vision 3D reconstruction + Al planning algorithm + precise operation control technology”.

The founding team of Viewer Tech is a rural-grown Tsinghua team that worked for DJI, VIVO, Momenta and other tech companies, and is committed to the productisation of the Agricultural Al Robot to make it easier for farmers to make money.


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