Intelligent Row-to-Row Weeder

Eficiently Accurate Easy to hook up

With a high-precision camera, you can view the front operating area, identify the location of each crop, computer-calculated data through a combination of plow shovels will achieve plant rows of weed control, precision can reach 2.5cm. weed control robot has a hydraulic side-shift device, weed control machine walking speed is less than 16KM/h.
Highly effective weed control
Precision work
Rugged design
Easy to hook up

System Components

System Features


Can work 100 acres in 1 hour


Weeding between rows of plants will be achieved by combining plows


Can realize 7X24h round-the-clock operation

Options galore

Can be equipped with a variety of optional knives, can be equipped with an optional fertilizer shovel for precise fertilization of crops

Rich Scenery

Rich application scenarios, all kinds of crops can be applied at the seedling stage

Convenient installation

Ready to install, easy to operate, at a glance

application scenario

Barley weeding
Soybean weed control
Celery weeding

Sugar beet weeding
Onion Weeding
Corn weeding