The World’s First Intelligent Cotton Topping Robot

VTM-03A one-film wide cotton intelligent topping robot is the world’s first comprehensive self-research, set “binocular vision 3D reconstruction + AI planning algorithms + precise operation control technology” as one of the cotton intelligent topping robot, suitable for field cotton topping, can simulate the manual topping action, to achieve high precision and high efficiency operations. Equipped with binocular vision three-dimensional camera, high-performance deep learning processor, through the Al planning algorithm precise, accurate, strict implementation of the “two leaves, one heart” topping picking agronomy, greatly reducing the cost of planting and the threshold of planting technology, the degree of implementation of the agronomy and the maximisation of the economic benefits of a single acre.
Humanoid Binocular Vision
AI Planning Algorithms
Precision Positioning
One-Click Start
Agile System Architecture
Dual Smart Displays
24-Hour Operation
High-Speed Performance

Precision Cotton Topping

Our cutting-edge technology employs visual inspection and image recognition sensors combined with a servo-controlled vertical cutting and lifting system, ensuring precise and efficient cotton plant topping even in challenging field conditions.

Seamless Height Adjustment

With binocular vision and a three-dimensional sensor, our system accurately gauges the height of cotton plant heads, allowing the high-speed rotating cutting blades to adjust their position as needed. This guarantees precise topping for cotton plants across different fields and varying growth stages.


In contrast to manual topping, our solution can replace 30 to 50 laborers, completing the topping process promptly and significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

One-Click Start

Our system is designed for intelligent and user-friendly operation. With a modular design and multiple arms, it simplifies high-quality cotton topping, making it easy for agricultural professionals to quickly embrace effective crop solutions and seamlessly transition to practical applications.

Touch-Control Dual Smart Screens

Featuring high-definition, high-brightness displays, our touch-control dual smart screens ensure seamless operation even under bright sunlight. The interface is clean, visually appealing, and user-friendly.

24-Hour Continuous Operation

Our technology enables round-the-clock operation, unaffected by weather conditions or time of day.

Convenient Transportation and Relocation

With its agile system architecture and wheel-mounted design, our system can be easily transported and suspended using a 3-point system when relocating.

7X24 Comprehensive Support

We offer remote OTA upgrades and provide round-the-clock support throughout the operational season.